How would you go about photographing a wedding bouquet?

We either contact the florist directly and take cuttings from the original bunch. If your local and haven’t played football with it we will come by and pick it up.

What do you recommend to be photographed?

This can be anything you like although we do need to be able to get it in front of the lens and in our studio!

How long does it take?

Anywhere from a week to three weeks to produce depending on size and complexity.

What if theirs branding involved?

This is fine as long as you have the necessary permission. Sadly though, unless you have the rights to let us re-sell it would mean we would only be able to provide a one off master piece.

How do you create your mandalas?

We use macro photography and clever software to create pin-sharp and detailed images. When we have all the imagery we then start putting the mandala together.

What if I don’t like it and want my money back?

That’s absolutely fine, return the item and we will grant a refund. If you have chosen a limited edition run or one-off the we would reserve the right to re-sell either as a whole or parts to other mandalas.

If its a wedding bouquet or flowers from an event?

A very stylish letter is sent out to the person receiving the gift to inform them of the present. This arrives prior to any event.

Why are the one-off master pieces so expensive?

Its down to the time it takes to create them and the cost involved in materials. One flower can take three to four hours!

What if can only think of one thing to photograph?

Not to worry, we incorporate it into a mandala using other images.

When you re-sell a mandala do you take any personal messages off?

Yes, goes without saying.

What happens to the mandalas for re-sale?

We sell these on online stores for people to personalise for them selves.

When they are re-sold, are the the same price?

Yes, we only look to recuperate our costs.

Do you ship abroad?

Yes, subject to any charges.

Is postage and packaging included?

No, this is added to the final price.